I am a California professional responsibility and legal ethics attorney. A significant portion of my practice is offering ethics advice before there is a lawsuit or a State Bar complaint. The best defense in State Bar Court is never as reliable as a former client who walks away from your engagement satisfied with your representation. Nevertheless, some of your clients will not engage you in good faith, and some won’t treat you fairly at all.

I take a different tack when navigating you through a difficult client matter – my job is to protect you from your client. “The Rules of Professional Conduct were designed for particular purposes. They were not intended as a protection for clients who wrong their lawyers.” In re Kirsh (9th Cir. 1992) 973 F.2d 1454, 1461.

You have no control over your client’s or your opponent’s behavior – just your own reactions to it. Nevertheless, clients who feel as though they have been heard, and then treated fairly and with dignity, are unlikely to complain to the State Bar or to sue.

I can also appear for you in State Bar Mandatory Fee Arbitration, Superior Court, or in the California Federal District Courts, if your conduct should be called into question in those forums.

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