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Think of the California State Bar as if it were a bad neighborhood. You do not want to walk through a bad neighborhood alone, so why face the State Bar alone? Think of the advice you would give one of your own clients—lawyer-up!

That is prudent advice. Now take it for yourself.

You have too much at stake to risk defending yourself against a California State Bar complaint. Hiring a colleague who does not have experience at the State Bar could also lead to disaster. Call me instead. I am a seasoned State Bar defense attorney. I know first-hand what you are going through, and I can help.

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State Bar Defense

If you are a lawyer and you have garnered the State Bar’s attention, I can help you at every stage of complaint. From self-reporting, to responding to an investigation, to answering formal charges in the State Bar Court, I can help.


Without knowing it, you started drafting your California Moral Character Application the first time you got caught joyriding in high school or pled guilty to that wet-reckless charge in college. The State Bar will ask you to explain most of your past. No part of that explanation need be fatal to your moral character application, especially if an experienced State Bar defense lawyer is representing you. I can help – call me before you file.

California Attorney Ethics Advice

If you are a lawyer and you have an ethics question or a disgruntled client, you owe it to yourself to get the help you need. Do not try to wing-it and risk a State Bar complaint. I work with lawyers all over California to help them unravel their client issues in a way that maintains the highest professional standards and preserves the integrity of the legal system.

Why Hire a California State Bar Ethics Attorney?

Hiring experienced counsel to protect your law license is as prudent as hiring a lawyer to protect your liberties. Facing the State Bar with a knowledgeable ethics attorney by your side makes you look professional. You may also find that having competent, loyal counsel can help give you peace of mind.

Remember, the laws governing your law practice are anything but clear. As the Court of Appeals observed, “As an education instrumentality the California Rules of Professional Conduct are singularly uninspiring. They intermix fundamental tenets of ethical obligation with a turgid mass of superficial do’s and don’ts, comparably to strewing the Ten Commandments among the interstices of the Internal Revenue Code.” Jeffry v. Pounds (1977) 67 Cal.App.3d 6, 11-12, 136 Cal. Rptr. 373, 377.

A US News report estimates that the average lifetime earning potential of a California lawyer can be $5 million, based on a 40-year career. The greatest threat to your ability to protect your earning potential as a California lawyer is not the economy, which is cyclical, nor is it the threat of a malpractice suit, which is insurable. The California State Bar is the only real threat to your earning potential because the State Bar has jurisdiction to institute proceedings to withhold, cancel, suspend or revoke your license to practice law.

Do not face the greatest threat to your livelihood alone. I am an experienced State Bar defense attorney serving the entire California legal profession, and particularly, in Northern California.

Do You Still Have Questions About California Attorney Ethics?

Do not let lingering questions jeopardize your career. The hardest thing I have ever had to do as a lawyer is asking for help. But we do better when we have enough discipline to stay in our lane. Your career and your professional reputation are too important, and valuable, to leave in the hands of an amateur, especially if that amateur is you. Call an expert. Contact an experienced California State Bar defense and ethics attorney today.

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  • Highly Experienced Ethics Attorney
  • Personalized Attention
  • Certified Specialist in Legal Malpractice Law, California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization
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California State Bar defense attorney Samuel C. Bellicini has years of experience helping attorneys and law students resolve issues with the State Bar of California.